Mesopotamian stamp seal in bull shape

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Object: Mesopotamian stamp seal in bull shape

Material: Beige stone, possibly calcite.

Period: Jemdet Nasr period,
3100 BC to 2900 BC.

Description:    Beautiful seal in the form of a recumbent bull. The stamp at the bottom side was designed with a drill. It shows two goats, lying with their heads turned backwards. The seal is pierced horizontally for mounting, but it is not a through hole for threading.

Dimensions: 39mm long, 22mm wide, 13mm thick.

Condition: Perfect condition. Some signs of age. No damages.

Provenance: Acquired by us on the German art market in 2022. Previously in the German collection D.-U. Acquired into the collection in the 1980ies or earlier, probably on the art market.

References: Cf. H. Keel-Leu, Vorderasiatische Stempelsiegel, Die Sammlung des Biblischen Instituts der Universität Freiburg Schhweiz, Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis, volume 110 (1991), nos. 42 to 44.
Cf. Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, acc. no. 1929.335.
For a piece on the art market cf. Christie's New York, auction "Antiquities" 9 June 2011, lot 1, sold for 11,250 USD.
And also E. Bassani, M. D. McLeod, Jacob Epstein Collector (Milan, 1989), fig. 950, sold by us as object no. AR3217.

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