Moche erotic pottery

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Object: Moche erotic pottery

Material: Red clay with red slip and remains of black paint.

Period: 300 AD to 600 AD.
Moche culture, Middle Moche.
South America, Northern part of today's Peru.

Description:    The clay sculpture depicts a man and woman couple having sex. The figures lie on top of each other, both lie on a raft.
Figurative depictions of sex were a popular theme in Moche pottery, mostly as a stirrup vessel. On the other hand, the representation of a raft is rare making this piece exceptional.

Background: The Moche culture developed in present-day Peru from the 1st century AD. The highly organized state produced numerous cities and an irrigation system for agriculture.

Dimensions: 15.2cm long, 10.8cm high.

Condition: Very good condition. Professionally restored from fragments, no additions other than along the joint lines. Slightly worn surface.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2021 on the German art market. Previously in the German collection A. R. W. Acquired 9 March 1971 at Kaufmann's Antiques, Tel Aviv, Israel. A description of the object by the antiquities dealer Kaufmann from 1971 is available, but makes an incorrect attribution of this piece.

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