Mochica stirrup vessel as a monkey

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Object: Mochica stirrup vessel in monkey shape

Material: Orange clay with dark red and brown slip, painted in beige.

Period: Moche culture, Early to Middle period,
approx. 100 AD to 500 AD.

Description:    The so-called stirrup vessel has a body shaped like a monkey, dressed in a long sleeved top and cloak. He holds an object in his right hand. Details like the fingernails are painted in beige. The face is sculpted and very distinctive with the painting. A handle is attached to the back of the vessel. It is hollow and semi-circular, with an attached tubular spout pointing vertically upwards, slightly tilted to the rear.

Background: The Moche culture developed in present-day Peru from the 1st century AD. The highly organized state produced numerous cities and an irrigation system for agriculture. Among the archaeological testimonies of the Moche culture, the lifelike stirrup vessels are particularly famous. This vessel is an excellent example of its kind. From the 7th century the empire declined, probably due to drastic climate changes. The vessel presented here dates from the golden age of the Moche civilization.

Dimensions: 21.0cm height, 11.1cm width, 11.7cm depth.

Condition: Perfect condition. Except for tiny chips, for example on the upper edge of the spout, complete and intact. Sticker reading "4480" from a previous owner on the bottom.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2022 on the German art market. Previously in the German private collection U. H. Acquired into the collection from the German private collection Prof. Dr. F. Acquired by the Professor from the antique dealer Lothar Heubel in Cologne, Germany, between 1984 and 1989. Acquired by Heubel in 1984 from the art gallery Raphael in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. A copy of the invoice from Raphael gallery dated 27 December 1984 and the certificate from Heubel are available.

References: Cf. Metropolitan Museum of Art, acc. no. 65.266.33.
Cf. Princeton University Art Museum, object no. y1987-37.

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