Mochican stirrup vessel with museum provenance

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Object: Mochican stirrup vessel

Material: Ceramic with beige and reddish-brown paint.

Period: Approx. 500 AD to 700 AD.
Late Moche culture of South America.

Description:    Elegant vessel with spout and geometrical design. A so called stirrup vessel of the Moche culture.
The almost spherical body has a flat base. At the top a half-spherical hollow spout is attached in two places. At the top of the spout another hollow spout is attached pointing upwards. The globular body is painted in reddish-brown with geometrical patterns.

Background: The Mochicans thrived from the 1st century AD onward in what is today Peru. Their highly organized state planned several cities and an irrigation system. Outstanding in the archaeological record are the beautiful stirrup vessels. From the 7th century AD onward the Moche empire declined, probably because of drastic climate changes. This vessel dates to the last bloom of the culture before its fall.

Dimensions: 23.5cm high. 12.5cm wide at he spout and approx. 12cm wide at the belly.

Condition: Outstanding condition with fully intact body. Apart from some small wear the paint is perfectly preserved. Very impressive vessel. Old sticker on the bottom side reading "5".

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2019 on the New York art market. Previously in the US-american privat collection George Labalme Jr., New York. Labalme acquired the vessel in 1957 from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada (including a copy of a letter from the museum).
This object has been searched for in the database of ArtLoss, comprising more than 500.000 objects claimed stolen or lost. It also integrates the databases of Interpol and FBI. An ArtLoss certificate comes with this artefact.

Literature: M. Suhrbier, G. Kroeber-Wolf, Augenblicke - Keramik der Moche und Shipibo, Peru (Museum der Weltkulturen, 2005).

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