Mummyform Near Eastern idol

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The unusual bronze figurine is an idol from Anatolia or the Near East. Around 1000 BC.
Object: Mummyform Near Eastern idol

Material: Bronze.

Period: Around 1000 BC.
Early Iron Age.

Description:    Highly stylized bronze figurine. It is shaped like a mummy, with crossed arms and joint legs. The head has similarities with a bird. Prominent nose, eyes at the sides and a comb-like headdress. The type is hard to attribute, it must originate in the region from Palestine to Anatolia.

Dimensions: 83mm height from head to toes, without the pin below the feet.

Condition: Very good condition with nice uniform patina. Mounted with its pin on a modern base.

Provenance: Acquired in 2019 in a traditional Munich based auction house. Consigned from a German private owner. From the inventory of Muenzhandlung Karl Kress, Munich. This piece has been in the Karl Kress auction 130, 1964 June 30th, no. 108.

References: Similarities to V. Mueller, Fruehe Plastik in Griechenland und Vorderasien (1924), plate VIII, no. 178.

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