Perfectly preserved Epichysis

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Great condition, vivid colors. Decorated with lion heads, pomegranate and vine branches.
Object: Apulian epichysis

Material: Red clay with black slip, painted in white, red and yellow.
So-called Gnathia pottery

Date Late 4th century BC
Early Hellenistic epoch

Description:    Elegant vessel with broad foot and shoulder disc, convex shoulder and high neck with circular profile. Long, beak-shaped spout, decorated at the neck with lion heads to each side.
The body is painted with a pomegranate The shoulder disc is decorated with a band of white rays. On the shoulder two vine branches, separated by a red line, white beams at neck base.

Size: Height 178 mm, Diameter 101 mm.

Condition: Very well preserved, delicate piece of ancient art. Only minimal wear. Spout broken and professionally re-attached. Painting in excellent condition, vivid colors.

References: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Hannover, Kestner Museum ii (Germany 72) Pl. 58 3-6
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Naples, Museo Nazionale iii (Italy 24) Pl. 71 2-5

Provenance: Acquired 2019 in a traditional Munich auction house. From the inventory of Münzhandlung Karl Kress, Munich, which discontinued its business activities around 1986 (the last catalogue published by Karl Kress dates to this year). In the stock of Karl Kress before 1980.

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