Perfectly preserved Roman beaker found 1907 in Cologne

Object number
Object:       Voluminous beaker with high neck

Material: Red clay with black slip

Date: 3rd - 4th century A.D.
Late Roman Empire

Description:    Voluminous beaker with almost globular body, thin profiled foot and high slightly conical neck with a bar-shaped lip. The body is decorated with three grooves.

Size: Diameter 152 mm, height 92 mm.

Condition: Excellent condition. Hair crack at mouth, otherwise undamaged and perfectly preserved incl. the black slip. On bottom sticker "No. 000626 v. Bassermann-Jordan Deidesheim". With a hand-written note (belonging to this beaker and another beaker with the number AR3194A) "Die römischen Tongefäße teilweise Doubletten aus dem Museum zu Köln, dort gefunden. 1907 F.B.J." = "the Roman pottery vessels, partially doublets, from the Roman museum in Cologne, found there. 1907 F.B.J."

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Provenance: Acquired 2021 at a German auction house. Ex south Germany private collection G. Hauck, acquired 2002 from the collection of the viniculture historian Friedrich von Bassermann-Jordan (1872-1959). Found in Cologne in 1907.

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