Persian bowl from Golestan

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Object: Persian bowl from Golestan

Material: Beige, almost white, ceramic with turquoise and black glaze.

Period: Around the 13th century AD.
Towards the end of the Islamic Golden Age.

Description:    Bowl on a low foot. The inside decorated with plant ornaments in black and turquoise. The outside with simple black linear decoration. The bowl probably comes from the Persian province of Golestan, as it is reminiscent of the well-known ceramics from Gorgan.

Dimensions: 19.7cm diameter, 8.3cm height.

Condition: Good condition. Restored from several pieces and possibly complemented. Nice overall impression. With modern stickers "4200641" and "1800F" at one side.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the German art market. Previously in a Southern German family collection. Acquired into that collection in the 1960ies.

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