Polychrome hellenistic Aphrodite clay statuette

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Object: Hellenistic clay figure of a draped woman, probably Aphrodite

Material: Massive red clay, white grounding and polychrome painting partially preserved

Date: 4th - 2nd century B.C.
Hellenistic, Magna Graecia

Description:    The goddess leans on a pillar, the left leg is bent at the knee, the left arm rests on the pillar. The right arm is bent on the hip. The upper body is partially bare, the rest of the body is loosely draped with a cloak. The head tilted slightly to the left, with a melon-hairdressing.

Size: Height 240 mm with socket and 230 mm without

Condition: Very impressive condition, especially for a figure of this size. Body fully preserved, only minor wear. White grounding and polychrome painting partially preserved. Mounted on a modern black plexiglass base.

Reference: For the type, see e.g., R. A. Higgins, Greek Terracottas. London, 1967. Taf. 57C

Provenance: Acquired 2017 in a auction house. Ex private collection of the French engineer Mr. E., acquired in June 1985 at Galerie Carrefour, Paris. With expertise by Pierre Verité (Paris) and TL expertise by Laboratiore QED, Marseiile.

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