Late antique oil lamp from Dr. Steve Adler collection

Object number
Object: Multi-nozzle oil lamp

Material: Light red clay

Date: 2nd half of 4th - 5th centrury AD
Beginning of the Roman Late Antiquity

Description:    Large oil lamp with seven wick holes. Nozzle decorated with three semicircles with "X" relieves inside. Branch around shoulders. Bottom with ring base and line across nozzle

Size: Length 97 mm, width 86 mm, height 35 mm

Condition: Excellently preserved, pencil note "941" on the bottom.

References: Published with foto in Noam Adler, Oil-Lamps from the Holy Land, The Adler Collection, 2004, page 151 Nr. 941.
Published in Katalog antiker Öllampen der mediterranen Welt der Galerie Alte Römer

Provenance: Acquired 2018 at an auction of the Archaeological Center R. Deutsch, Israel. Ex famous Judge Dr. Steve Adler collection. Exported from Israel with permit of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) Nr. 539063.

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