Recommended websites

The following list of websites has been compiled for art lovers, collectors, museums and educational institutions. It shall point out several websites with an especially interesting content. Of course, the list is not complete and never will be. Please see it as an inspiration to explore various aspects of ancient art. We are happy to received your comments and suggestions.


Informational websites

Interesting project supplying online learning materials on ancient art of the Mediterranean.

Section on ancient art of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Great web page by dutch ushabti enthusiast Dik van Bommel.

Online catalogue of ancient lamps with many pictures. It includes an important and insightful section on fake lamps. Sadly, you will encounter these often in the antiquities trade.

Fascinating review of ancient table ware and manners.

Mas des Tourelles is a wine-growing estate on the site of an ancient Roman villa. You will learn a lot about traditional wine growing and making and can actually buy wine made in this style.

Large scale project with an online database for cataloguing Roman pottery.


Service providers and commercial websites

Commercial provider of provenance research for works of art. Comparison with databases of lost and stolen art.

Renowned archaeometry lab managed by Prof. Dr. Ernst Pernicka. It is most famous for archaeometallurgy but also offers a wide range of other material analysis.

Laboratory Kotalla is especially well-known in Germany. It is a privately owned laboratory specializing in thermoluminescence analysis („TL Tests“).

Book shop specializing in ancient history and archaeology.