Roman bronze figurine of a horseman

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Beautiful massive figurine, very well preserved, great dark green patina.
Object: Roman figurine of a horseman on a pacing horse

Material: Massive bronze, made of two parts (rider and horse)

Date: About 1st century BC - 3rd century AD
Late Roman Republic till Roman Empire.

Description:    Figurine of a rider on a pacing horse. The rider originally had his right arm raised, the left hand was holding the reins. Dressed with a coat thrown over the left shoulder. Hair and facial expression are finely worked. The shape of the hips follows the saddle.
Horse with front right leg raised. Mouth open, details of mane and harness are finely worked. With original base (made as one piece).

Size: Rider: Height 48 mm, width 22 mm
Horse: Length 47 mm, height 53 mm, width 18 mm.
Weight together 63.6 grams.

Condition: Right front leg and tail-tip of horse, as well as right arm and left forearm of rider broken and missing. Otherwise very well preserved. With nice patina and sediments.

Reference: See Bronzes figurés de l'epoque romaine. Museé d'histoire et d'art Luxembourg. 2nd edition (Luxembourg, 1975) p. 58 Nr. 16 (there, however, with figurine of a female rider sitting to the side)

Provenance: Acquired 2019 in a traditional Munich auction house. From the inventory of Münzhandlung Karl Kress, Munich, which discontinued its business activities around 1986 (the last catalogue published by Karl Kress dates to this year). In the stock of Karl Kress before 1980.

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