Roman earrings with shield

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Object: Pair of Roman gold earrings with shield and granulation

Material: Gold.

Period: 2nd to 3rd century AD,
Late Roman Imperial period.

Description:    Matching pair of gold earrings. Each earring consists of a ring of gold wire, one end bent into a loop and the other tapered and curled around it. A round shield is soldered to the loop. The convex outer side is encircled by a twisted gold wire and has a decorative knob in the center. Somewhat distant from the round shield a decoration made of granulation is soldered to the loop.
It is a typical type of Roman ear jewellery. Both earrings are of the same design and certainly belong together originally.

Dimensions: 15mm wide. 16mm or 19mm high, respectively.

Condition: Perfect condition. Matching pair.

Provenance: Acquired by us on the German art market in 2020. Previously in the German private collection V. L. Acquired into it between 1925 and 1979 and located in Germany ever since. Parts of the collection were bought at the Swiss dealers Muenzen und Medaillen AG in Basel and Bank Leu in Zuerich.

References: An earring with almost identical shield but different body can be found in the British Museum, museum no. 1879,0115.10.

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