Roman gold ring with eagle

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Object: Roman gold ring with eagle

Material: Gold with inserted stone.

Period: Approx. 2nd to 3rd century AD.
Roman Imperial Period.

Description:    The golden fingerring has a band with round cross-section that widens towards the ring plate and becomes D-shaped. There is an intaglio set into the ring. It is made of dark stone and shows a standing eagle.
The ring type is characteristic of the Roman Empire. A very similar piece can be found in Ruseva-Slokoska's catalog (no. 190) and comes from Mesdra in northwestern Bulgaria. The piece presented here can also be assumed to have been made in the Danube provinces of the Roman Empire.

Dimensions: 13mm x 15mm inner diameter of the ring. 8mm x 8.5mm intaglio.

Condition: Very good condtion. Slight deformations to the band. Ring and intaglio with minor chips.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the US American art market. The piece came from US American private possession and was acquired into it between the 1980ies and 2000s. Previously in the Belgium collection of Frances Artuner. Acquired into the collection in the 1960ies. The place of origin is probably located in the Danube provinces of the Roman Empire.

References: Cf. L. Ruseva-Slokoska, Roman Jewellery, p. 169, no. 190.

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