Roman gold ring with intaglio

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Object: Roman gold ring with intaglio

Material: Ring made of gold. Intaglio formed out of glass paste in dark blue and very light whitish blue.

Period: 1st century CE.
Early Roman Imperial period.

Description:    The gold fingerring has a round section hoop that is widening at the shoulder to form a D-shaped hoop. An intalgio is inserted completely into the bezel. It shows a standing figure in the light blueish-white center surrounded by a ring of dark blue glass.
The ring type is characteristic for the early Roman Imperial period and can be pinpointed to the 1st century CE by a number of well-dated finds of similar pieces.

Dimensions: 19mm outer diameter, 14mm to 16mm inner diameter.

Condition: Hoop slightly bent. Some small cracks across the body and a larger crack next to the glass paste. The intaglio is well preserved except for typical aging of the glass. Very nice overall condition.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2017 on the British art market. From the stock of the British art dealer Amphora Coins. Acquired in circa 1980.

References: Cf. L. Ruseva-Slokoska, Roman Jewellery, p. 169, cat. no. 189.

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