Roman silver earrings with shield

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Belonging pair of earrings from the late Roman Imperial period. With nice filigree decoration.
Object: Pair of Roman silver earrings

Material: Silver with dark patina.

Period: 3rd century AD,
late Roman Imperial period.

Description:    Two Roman earrings, belonging pair. Each earring consists of a convex disc, resembling a semispherical shield. The shield is decorated by filigree and wires forming spirals and circles with a knob at the centre. A hoop is soldered at the rear side.
Similar types with known find context are from the Eastern part of the Roman Empire (see references below).

Dimensions: One earring 38.5mm length and the other 31mm length, including hoop. 17mm diameter of the decorative shield.

Condition: Near perfect condition. Fully intact including filigree decoration. One solder point between hoop and shield is detached. At one earring an additional twisted wire has been inserted around the shield, possibly an ancient repair, detached area between disc and rim. Nice dark patina. Belonging pair.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 at the German art market. Previously in the German privat collection of Manfred Schwarz. Acquired into the collection in the 1960ies or earlier at the German art market.

References: Cf. L. Ruseva-Slokoska, Roman Jewellery, p. 112, no. 23.
Cf. F. H. Marshall, Catalogue of the Jewellery Greek, Etruscan & Roman in the Departments of Antiquities British Museum, plate LIII, no. 2532.

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