Roman sprinkler

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Object: Roman sprinkler

Material: Glass.

Period: 3rd century AD.
Roman Imperial.

Description:    Glass flask with spherical body. The short neck is funnel-shaped and terminates in a folded lip. The body was blown into a mold to create a rhomboid pattern. Characteristic for this type of glass vessel is the neck being pushed downward at the time of manufacture. This technique almost fully shut the neck at its base so that liquids can easily be released from the flask drop by drop. Such so-called sprinklers were used for precious contents such as perfume. This type was produced in the Roman province Syria.

Dimensions: 8,2cm height, c. 6,5cm diameter.

Condition: Rejoined at the neck with some stable cracks towards the body and lip emanating from there. Overall very good preservation for an ancient glass including the elaborate lip.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the German art market. Previously in the German collection K. H. Acquired into the collection 1984 April 12th from the art dealer Aloys Faust, Cologne, Germany.

References: Cf. H. Cantz, Roman, Byzantine, and Early Medieval Glass, p. 245f, no. 131 and 132.
Cf. Y. Israeli, Ancient Glass in the Israel Museum, p. 223, no. 274.
An almost identical piece made from a different colored glass but possibly in the same workshop was sold by us as glass sprinkler AR2680-GF06.

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