Our services for you – au­then­tification, indi­vidual “wanted” lists and many more

You have a piece of ancient pottery and would like to know more about it, not only in one sentence but through thorough and expert research? You are a collector of Greek or Roman coins, looking for very special specimen to enrich your collection and would like us to assist your search? Or are you maybe in need high-quality photographs of antiquities? The Alte Roemer Gallery is happy to support you with these and other issues.

If some pieces in your collection leave space for doubt, be it authenticity or the exact dating, we are happy to provide you with our extensive expertise. This service in particular aims at ancient pottery and coins, for other pieces please just contact us for more details. Our area of expertise is antiquities from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Classical Antiquity to the Late Antiquity.

Especially with ancient numismatics the search for particular pieces can be troublesome and time-consuming. Why not let us do this job for you? Just send us your “wanted”-list and we will look on your behalf for Roman and Greek coins for your collection. Of course this offer is also valid for other Roman, Greek or Egyptian antiquities, be it ancient glass, pottery, ancient weapons, bronzes or other collection areas. When in doubt, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

If you would like to get regular updates on new items in our gallery and special events, you can subscribe to our newsletter. Of course we will contact you immediately as soon as we acquire a piece that might be interesting for your personal collection.

A special service is directed at friends of art photography: our photographer will be happy to make individual high-quality pictures of pieces from your collection. You can also acquire high-quality high-resolution pictures of antiquities sold or currently on sale in our gallery, be it for a scientific publication, a high-end documentation of your collection or display purposes.

Requests and open questions are as individual as the collector who has them on her or his mind. If the question or service you care about is not mentioned above, please just write us an email anytime, and we will be happy to assist you.