Small Neolithic sickle from Northern Germany

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The crescent-shaped blade is made of reddish brown flint. This tool represents an intermediate state within the radical transition from Neolithic to Bronze Age.
Object: Small Neolithic flint sickle from Northern Germany

Material: Reddish brown flint.

Period: 2400 BC to 1800 BC.
Last phase of the Northern European Neolithic.

Description:    Sickle made of beautiful reddish brown flint. The blade is crescent shaped, one side convex the other side slightly concave. The blade is sharp and made of countless flat chips.

Background: Many types of crescent-shaped flint sickles occur towards the end of the Neolithic Period. They are based on early copper and bronze prototypes. At first, they were interpreted as saws by archaeologists. Now it is clear they were mounted with the convex side in curved sticks and used as sickles. When the blade became damaged and dull the precious tools were resharpened. By that process the blade became increasingly concave and asymmetrical. This piece was appearently used for a short time as can be seen by the slightly concave shape of the edge.
It is remarkable how this tool represents an intermediate state within the radical transition from Neolithic to Bronze Age.

Dimensions: 10.4cm long.

Condition: Very good condition. A small piece at the rear side probably broken off and missing.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 from the German family collection Marienfeld. The founder of the collection, Horst-Hellmuth Marienfeld, found the sickle between the end of the 1940ies and the early 1950ies on fields on the island of Ruegen in Northern Germany or in the region surrounding the island.

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Literature: P. V. Glob's classical book Danske Oldsager II. Yngre Stenalder gives a comprehensive overview on the Northern European New Stone Age.

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