South Italian Skyphos

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Nicely preserved piece from an old German private collection. Acquired 1976-78 at Davies Antiques Gallery, London.
Object:        Skyphos

Material: Red clay with black glaze

Date: About 4th - 3rd century B.C.
Magna Graecia, Greek colony in Southern Italy

Description:    Almost cylindrical body, with ring-shaped base and two horizontal handles. Covered with black glaze on the inside and outside, 4 decorative groove rings inside.

Size: Height 81 mm, diameter without handles 84 mm, with handles 140 mm

Condition: Stable cracks on one side of the body, otherwise undamaged and in very good condition. Old sticker "80A CPJV DV" from Davies Antiques.

Reference: See Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Bochum, Kunstsammlungen der Ruhr-Universität 3, 93-94, Pl. 69.6

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2017 from the private possession of M. Voos, Germany. Inherited by M. Voos from the German private collection H. Herbst. Acquired in 1976 - 1978 from Davies Antiques Gallery, London. The original invoice is preserved.

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