Stamp seal with handle

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Object: Iron Age stamp seal with handle

Material: Brown lime stone.

Period: Iron Age II,
1000 BC to 550 BC.

Description:    Seal in the shape of a very flat, disk-like truncated cone with a cylindrical handle attached. An engraved scene is on the flat and circular stamp face. Animals and humans are shown schematically. Due to the high degree of abstraction, the scene cannot be clearly identified.
The seal can be assigned to the cultures of northern Syria or southeastern Anatolia.

Dimensions: Approx. 20mm diameter of the stamp surface, approx. 14mm diameter at the handle, 22mm height (broken off at the top, was originally higher).

Condition: The upper part of the handle broken off and missing. Minor chips to the edge of the stamp area. The rest of the body and the engravings are very well preserved.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2012 from G. Vandervort, USA. Formerly English collection of the early 20th century.

References: Cf. J. Waalke-Meyer, Die eisenzeitlichen Stempelsiegel aus dem 'Amuq-Gebiet, OBOSA 28 (2008), nos. 279, 286, 287.

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