Stone beaker of the Jiroft culture

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Object: Stone beaker of the Jiroft culture

Material: Dark stone. Chlorite.

Period: 3rd Millennium BC.
Early Bronze Age.

Description:    Beautifully crafted stone vessel in the shape of an oval cylinder that tapers slightly towards the top. A linear decoration on the outside shows two rows of fields, each with a cross made of parallel lines. There are four holes at the top that are suitable for hanging or securing the container.
The vessel is stylistically close to the Jiroft culture, which resided in the Iranian province of Kerman. It is known archaeologically primarily for its chlorite vessels. Although the exact geographical attribution is not certain, it is clear that the vessel originated in the Western or South Western part of Central Asia.

Dimensions: 12.2cm height. 9.8cm to 11.4cm diameter of the oval.

Condition: Great condition. The vessel's body is intact, but with notable missing parts on the lip. The outside is in a museum-worthy condition with its original polish and incised decorations. Minor chips to the outer surface do not disturb this impression, but rather impressively underline its age, same as the find encrustations on the outside and inside. Modern sticker "C 1703" on the bottom of the vessel.

Provenance: Acquired by us on the British art market in 2022. Previously owned by another British art dealer. Purchased from J.-D. Cahn in Basel in 2014. The piece is from the Bonhams London auction on 16 May 2002, lot 336 (estimated at 1,800 to 2,000 GPB, at the time around 2,900 to 3,200 EUR). Previously in the Belgian Jacobs Collection, acquired between 1980 and 1982.

Literature: Ali Hakemi, Kerman: the Original Place of Production of Chlorite Stone Objects in the 3rd Millennium B.C., in East and West Volume 47, no. 1/4 (1997), pp. 11-40.
Nasir Eskandari und Massimo Vidale, Drilling stone vessels in third-millennium BC Iran: new evidence from Hajjiabad-Varamin, Jiroft (Kerman Province) (Cambridge University Press, 2022).

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