Syrian amulet in animal shape

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Small amulet of nice red stone in the stylized shape of a pig. From the 3rd Millenium BC.
Object: Syrian amulet in animal shape

Material: Red stone.

Period: C. 2800 BC to 2500 BC.
Early Bronze Age.

Description:    Small amulet in the shape of a stylized pig. The animal is depicted standing with a strong body, straight back, big head, short legs and pendulous abdomen. Grooves emphasize the shape of the animal. The body is pierced sideways through the back so that the pig figurine could be suspended and worn as an amulet.

Dimensions: 39mm length. 22mm height.

Condition: Near perfect condition. Only minor chips and ancient drill hole.

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 on the British art market. Previously in British private possession, acquired in the 1970ies. The amulet was inspected and described by Professor Lambert during the time in British private possession. A copy of his note is available.
Wilfred George Lambert (1926 to 2011), a British archeologist specialized on Western Asia, was a professor at the University of Birmingham. After his retirement he was active in the ancient near eastern department of the British Museum.

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