Very fine Nero Aureus

Object number
Emperor: Nero
(Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus)

Rule: October 54 - June 68 A.D.

Value: Aureus

Material: Gold

Details: Diameter: 18 mm, weight: 7.20 g.
Rome mint, 65 - 66 A.D.

Laureate bust right

Reverse: SALVS
Salus seated left on high-backed throne, holding patera with her right hand After the failing "Pisonian Conspiracy" in April 65, two new coin types made their first appearance to celebrate this fact. Their reverses show "Jupiter Custos", the guardian of the emperor, and Salus, his well-being, both emphasizing divine protection on the emperor.

Condition Impressive portrait, slightly better than very fine.

References: RIC 59; C. 313; BMC 87; Calicó 443a;

Provenance: Acquired 2021 at a German numismatic auction house.

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