Very large etrusco-corinthian Olpe with animals - ex Galleria Fallani in Rome

Object number
Object: Olpe (jug)

Material: Red clay with black slip (faded into a red-brown color)

Date: 6th century B.C.

Description:    Very high vase with ovoid body and ring-shaped base. Flat handle shaped outside into three segments, large rotella to each side.
Neck covered with slip in- and outside except reserved lip, handle covered with slip outside. Rosettes on rotellae. Body visually separated into six registers, out of which the lower two with line- and thunderbolt bands, the other four with swans, lions and panthers.

Size: Height 38,5 cm, diameter 16 cm

Condition: Very professionally re-assembled from fragments of various size, very few parts remodeled incl. professional reconstruction of decoration. Small part of reconstruction missing, otherwise complete. Rotella left of the handle loose (see picture), right rotella re-attached. The originally black slip faded into a red-brown color.

References: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Karlsruhe, Badisches Landesmuseum 2, Pl. 53.3, with further references given there

Provenance: Acquired in 2020 at a US auction house. Ex legacy of te famous philanthropist Howard Sirak, Columbus, Ohio, USA, who acquired the vase in 1975 from Ulfert Wilke together with other Etruscan, Corinthian and Villanova vases. Ulfert Wilke was a well-known painter and founder of the Iowa Art Museum. Mr. Wilke acquired the vase in Rome at Galleria Fallani in 1959.

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