Western Asiatic female figure

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Interesting clay figurine from Western Asia during Bronze Age. Nice overall impression.
Object: Western Asiatic female figure

Material: Clay

Period: Approx. 2nd Millenium BC.

Description:    Clay figure of a woman with cylindrical body. The arms are supported in the sides (right arm missing), holding a basket in the left hand. The head is decorated with oversized nose and eyes, at the back of the head a headdress or opulent hairstyle. A double necklace is shown schematically.
The figure has parallels to Western Asiatic clay figures of different cultures, but could not be clearly identified until now.

Dimensions: 116mm height, 54mm width.

Condition: The figure is very well preserved overall and still gives an authentic impression of the original appearance. The right arm is missing, as well as the rear part of the hair or headdress. Remains of a painting are still faintly visible on the surface. Sticker from Davies Antiques on the back reading "5B CPDO IO EV".

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2017 from the private posession of M. Voos, Germany. Inherited by M. Voos from the Germany private collection H. Herbst. Acquired approx. in 1976 at Davies Antiques, London for the Herbst collection and brought to Germany.

References: Some similarities to figures seen in V. Müller, Frühe Plastik in Griechenland und Vorderasien, plate XXVI.

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