Egyptian plaque of Bes

Object number
Object: Egyptian plaque of Bes

Material: Green faience with clay core.

Period: Late Period of Ancient Egypt,
26th to 31st dynasty,
664 BC to 332 BC.
This attribution is confirmed by a thermoluminescence analysis by Kotalla laboratory. It dates the piece to approximately 600 BC. The report will be delivered with the plaque.

Description:    Plaque with flat relief of the dwarf god Bes on one side. The figure is shaped and worked in great detail. It shows Bes naked, standing with his right leg bent, looking back over his right shoulder. He wears jewellery around his neck, on his head a crown of feathers and in his left hand he holds a tambourine near his shoulder.
This is a very rare depiction of the otherwise frequently depicted god.

Dimensions: 7,4cm height.

Condition: Very well preserved except for small chips. Under the base red inscription "X55.202" (inventory number of the Newark Museum).

Provenance: Acquired by us in 2020 from an US American auction house. Consigned by the US American Newark Museum of Art. The figurine was included in the museum collection in 1955 as inventory number X55.202, accompanied by a near identical piece with inventory number X55.203.

References: For a similar depiction of Bes but executed in a very different style see National Museums Liverpool, acc. no. 44.19.152.

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