Gnathia-ware Apulian oinochoe with vine branch

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Nicely preserved, delicate piece of ancient art. Decorated with vine branch. Acquired 1965 at Hermann Zirkel Gallery, Cologne, Germany.
Object: Apulian oinochoe

Material: Red clay with black slip, painted in white and yellow.
So-called Gnathia pottery

Date 2nd half 4th - 1st half 3rd century BC
Early Hellenistic epoch

Description:    Pear-shaped jug with ring-shaped base and flat-convex handle. Short neck opening into a trefoil-shaped mouth.
The body is painted with a vine branch, two white lines above.

Size: Height 100 mm, Diameter 63 mm.

Condition: Very well preserved, delicate piece of ancient art. Only minimal wear and chips. Slip on handle worn.

Reference: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Cambridge (MA) Fogg Museum and Gallatin Collections Pl. 36.1

Provenance: Acquired 2018 from the German family collection Bergweiler which was formed over several generations. Acquired by Ä. and P. Bergweiler October 5th, 1965 at Antiquitätenhandlung Hermann Zirkel, Cologne, Germany.

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