Roman marble relief with hunting scene: Eros carrying hind

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Object: Roman relief with hunt scene: Eros carrying hind
Fragment of sarcophagus lid or balustrade

Material: White marble, partially with red coloration (iron oxide)

Date Antonine, about 3rd quarter 2nd century A.D.
Roman Empire

Description:    Part of the lid of a so-call Eros sarcophagus, or from a balustrade, showing a hunting scene: A small winged Eros carries a slain hind suspended from a staff. The Eros is advancing to the right with proudly raised head. He holds the staff with the left hand, the right is missing. The hind is tied to the staff by the legs, its lifeless body and head dangling. In front of Eros, the hindlegs of a feline which are part of the next scene are still visible.

Size: Width 29 cm, height 14 cm, depth 10 cm

Condition: Part of a larger relief (lid of a sarcophagus with Erotes or from a balustrade). Head and tail of hind and right arm of Eros broken and missing. Hair crack through the middle, small fragment of base re-attached. Otherwise very good condition, surface very well preserved.

Literature: G. Koch & H. Sichtermann, Römische Sarkophage (München 1982)
G. Koch, Die Sarkophage der Römischen Kaiserzeit (Darmstadt 1993)

Provenance: Acquired 2020 from Cahn Gallery, Basel. Acquired by Cahn 2008 from private collection. Ex collection Prof. Benedict Mädlin, Basel, acquired before 1960. Supposedly from the collection of the Swiss painter Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901).

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