Very large greatly preserved red figure apulian lekanis

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Object: Lekanis with handles

Material: So-called red figure vase
Pale clay with black slip and white painting

Date: About 310 B.C.

Description:    Lekanis with two handles and knobbed lid. Bowl with inset rim and conical foot. Domed lid with overturned rim and knobbed handle.
The main subject features two naked youths sitting, looking over their shoulder and holding a mirror in their right hand. Between the youths palmette fans. The outer edge of the lid is decorated with a wave pattern. Rosette on the recessed hub of the knob.

The so-called "Baltimore Painter", whose name wasn't preserved in contrast to the many pottery pieces from his workshop, is considered as the most important vase painter of Late Apulia. He was named after a vessel nowadays preserved in Baltimore. His workshop presumably was located in Canosa. His successor and heir of his workshop was the so-called "White Sakkos Painter", who continued his tradition together with other artsts from the "White Sakkos Group".

Size: Height of bowl and lid together 203 mm, diameter 280 mm with and 210 mm without handles.

Condition: Overall an extraordinary vase of impressive size. The original painting is in an excellent condition. Lid professionally restored from two fragments, small chip below the handle, minor chips and wear over the body, otherwise undamaged.
The different preservation of the black slip under the lid on the two fragments indicates that the lid broke already in antiquity and was preserved under slightly different conditions.

References: Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Ostschweiz Ticino 1, Pl. 50.1-2, 51.1 ("White-Sakkos Group", succession of Baltimore Painter)
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Mannheim, Reiss-Museum 1, Pl. 42.6-7

Provenance: Acquired 2021 from a German auction house. Ex private collection from Hessen, Germany. Acquired before 1980.

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