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In Europe, the period between mid-6th and roughly the end of the 15th century is generally known as the Middle Ages or medieval times. Although local differences have to be kept in mind and deviating opinions have been expressed by single scholars on the delimitation. The Middle Ages start with the fading out of the barbarian Migration Period, and bring to light several famous dynasties. Thereof particularly worth mentioning are in France the Merovingian and the Carolingian dynasties, and the Ottonian dynasty in Saxony. Another tradition which heavily influenced European history and values until the present day was the knighthood which boomed and blossomed with its rituals, traditions and legends in High and Late Middle Ages. We are proud to offer you a fine selection of ancient pieces from this period of occidental history. It will always be a pleasure to us to individually work with you on your own and personal collection, looking for special pieces you would like to add. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time via email or using our contact form. Correspondence is welcome in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Japanese.

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