Ancient Greek and Roman Coins in the Alte Roemer Gallery

Both experienced and beginner collectors who seek to buy ancient coins online nowadays face a huge and puzzling selection of different platforms and offers. Our goal is to make your life as a collector a little bit easier, by offering you a well-arranged and broad selection. The Alte Roemer Gallery specializes in authentic ancient Roman, Greek and Byzantine coins. Be it a Greek Tetradrachm, a Denarius from the time of the Roman Republic, a rare Imperial Roman coin or a Roman Aureus, or a coin from Late Antiquity, in our online shop you will surely find many interesting pieces for your collection. We furthermore offer you fascinating Medieval coins with a focus on Cob Coins and gold specimen.

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  1. Buy a Commodus Denarius - Roma on shield
    Commodus Denarius - Roma on shield

    Rome mint, 180 - 181 A.D. The reverse shows Roma seated left, holding Victory and spear.

  2. Buy a Celtic coin - Iceni tribe
    Celtic coin - Iceni tribe

    East Anglia mint, reported to have been found in Stonea Grange, Cambridgeshire.

  3. Extremely fine Diocletian argenteus
    Extremely fine Diocletian argenteus

    Absolutely extremely fine, uncirculated. The RIC states the rarity with R2. In the Occident, Diocletian is (in)famous for the last and largest persecution of Christianity.

  4. Extremely fine Marc Antony Denarius - LEG XI
    Extremely fine Marc Antony Denarius - LEG XI

    Beautiful dark patina. Commemorating the Legio XI formed by M. Anton, while a Legio XI Actiaca fought in the Actium campaign serving Octavian.

  5. Very fine Claudius sestertius with beautiful patina
    Very fine Claudius sestertius with beautiful patina

    Ex private collection, acquired 1981 from the collection of Günther Schlüter, who was the president of the German Numismatic Society in Berlin in 1975-1977.

  6. Marcus Iunius Brutus Denarius
    Perfect Marcus Iunius Brutus Denarius

    Extremely fine attractive piece with beautiful patina.

  7. Domitian Aureus - Cornucopia
    Perfectly centered Domitian aureus

    Reverse showing cornucopiae, in field COS IIII. Almost extremely fine, Rome 76-77 AD

  8. Media Label
    Aureus minted by Claudius for his mother, Antonia

    Posthume Prägung, welche die Kaiserin als Constantia mit Stabfackel und Cornucopiae zeigt. Auf dem Avers Portrait der Antonia.

  9. Sextus Pompeius Magnus - Rare denarius
    Sextus Pompeius Magnus - Rare denarius

    Mit Portrait Pompeius des Großen. Der Revers zeigt eine Neptunstatue als Symbol der Seeherrschaft des S.P., sowie die Sage von den katanäischen Brüdern. Schöne Patina.

  10. Media Label
    Extremely fine Antoninus Pius aureus - Victoria

    Victoria schreitet n. l., hält in der ausgestreckten Rechten Kranz und in der Linken Zweig. Vorzügliches Stück mit sehr eindrucksvollem Portrait.


10 Items

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