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Welcome to the Alte Roemer shop, where you will find authentic artefacts covering the time span from Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. Refine your search to ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian or other antiquities using the navigation menu on the left, or just browse our full selection. An own section of our shop is dedicated to ancient numismatics with focus on Roman and Greek coins. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time via email or using our contact form. Correspondence is welcome in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Japanese.

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  1. Buy Old Kingdom stone vessel
    Conical Old Kingdom stone vessel

    The elegant stone vase is made of wonderful banded alabaster. 5th to 6th dynasty, Old Kingdom.

  2. Egyptian Kohl vessel
    Small Egyptian Kohl vessel

    The stone pot was used for Kohl, the eye cosmetic of the ancient Egyptians. Vessel with well preserved body and missing rim. From the 2nd Millenium BC.

  3. Buy Egyptian stone vessel
    Small Egyptian stone vessel

    Nice stone vessel and rare type from the Middle Kingdom. Timelessly elegant shape.

  4. Buy Mycenaean pottery stirrup jar
    Mycenaean stirrup jar

    Characteristic type of vessel for the Mycenaean civilization in Bronze Age Greece. From the peak of Mycenaean pottery production in the 14th century BC. From the inventory of an old educational lending collection.

  5. Buy Western Iranian ceramic vessel
    Painted tripod ceramic vessel

    Imposing piece of painted pottery from Middle Bronze Age Western Iran. Early 2nd Millenium BC.

  6. Buy Bronze Age Hoard
    Hoard from the Late Bronze Age

    Complete surviving hoard consisting of one bronze bowl, two belts and twelve bracelets. Urnfield culture HaB1. The amazingly well preserved group is excessively rare on the art market as well as in museum collections.


6 Items

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