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Welcome to the Alte Roemer shop, where you will find authentic artefacts covering the time span from Bronze Age to Late Antiquity. Refine your search to ancient Roman, Greek, Egyptian or other antiquities using the navigation menu on the left, or just browse our full selection. An own section of our shop is dedicated to ancient numismatics with focus on Roman and Greek coins. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time via email or using our contact form. Correspondence is welcome in English, German, Italian, French, Russian or Japanese.

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  1. Buy Luristan bronze pendant of an ibex
    Luristan ibex pendant

    Massive bronze pendant in the shape of a standing ibex with curved horns. From Iron Age Luristan.

  2. Buy Gnostic intaglio
    Gnostic intaglio with magic spell

    The two sides show a woman with lion's head and a magical text. The piece is from the period of Gnosticism in the 2nd and 3rd century.

  3. Buy intaglio with eleventh labour of Hercules
    Classicist intaglio with eleventh labour of Hercules

    A masterpiece of classicist stone cutting. The large intalgio made of white chalcedony shows the 11th labour of Hercules. An early 19th century work, when classicism dominated the arts in Europe.

  4. Roman silver fibula
    Roman silver fibula

    Beautiful brooch from the eastern Roman provinces. Remains of an original gold plating can still be seen on the surface.

  5. Base plate of a Roman mirror
    Base plate of a Roman mirror

    The bronze disc is the base plate of a Roman mirror. A handle and reflective metal coating were once part of the mirror. Typical for upper class Roman households during Imperial times.

  6. Roman gold ring with eagle
    Roman gold ring with eagle

    The beautiful ring from Roman Imperial times is decorated by a black stone intaglio. The gem shows a standing eagle.

  7. Buy Roman gold fingerring
    Roman gold fingerring

    Nice piece of jewellery from the later Roman Imperial period. With beaded wires and intaglio. Found in England.

  8. Römisch-pannonische Trompetenfibel kaufen
    Pannonian trumpet brooch

    Well preserved Roman fibula made of silver. The type is from the Pannonian provinces of Rome and dates to the 2nd century.

  9. Buy Roman gold earrings
    Pair of Roman gold earrings

    The gold bodies are decorated with portrait busts made of black and white layered onyx. The jewellery was made in the 2nd century AD in the Danube provinces of the Roman Empire.

  10. Buy ancient artefacts
    Six ancient artefacts and one modern cast

    Interesting group of objects from the Professor Brosch collection of ancient gems. It has two intaglios, one cameo, two glass decorations, a lead bulla and a modern cast of a quality ancient gem.

  11. Buy Roman anchor fibula
    Roman anchor fibula

    Magnificent silver brooch from the Roman Imperial period. Such fibulae were made in the Danube area Roman provinces.

  12. Buy Roman bracelet with hunting scene
    Roman bracelet with hunting scene

    This rare and elaborate silver repoussé is analyzed in a 1970 publication and attributed to a workshop in Antioch or Palmyra. Late 3rd century AD.

  13. Roman silver fibula
    Roman silver fibula

    Interesting type of brooch from the Roman Imperial period. Nice specimen made of silver.

  14. Disc-headed pin from Luristan
    Disc-headed pin from Luristan

    Important and unique pin type from Iron Age Luristan. Nice specimen with concentrical decoration.

  15. Roman gold ring with intaglio
    Roman gold ring with intaglio

    Nice fingerring with a glass paste showing a standing figure. Characteristic type for the 1st century CE, early Roman Imperial period.

  16. Disc head of a pin
    Fragment of a disc-headed pin variant

    Interesting pin head from Iron Age Luristan. Unusual variant.

  17. mosaic glass beads
    Three mosaic glass beads

    Miniature works of art with different decorations. Fantastic examples for mosaic glass beads from the early Roman Imperial period.

  18. Buy mosaic glass beads
    Two mosaic glass beads

    Nicely decorated miniature works of art. Outstanding examples for mosaic glass beads from the early Roman Imperial period.

  19. Greek fibula from Italy
    Greek fibula from Italy

    Lovely silver brooch from the Greek colonies in Southern Italy. Late classical to early hellenistic period.

  20. Buy Greek fibula
    Greek fibula from colonies in Southern Italy

    Nice silver brooch from the colonies in Southern Italy. Late classical to early hellenistic period.

  21. Buy Luristan horse bit
    Horse bit from Luristan

    Delightful artefact attesting the dawn of horse breeding in Western Iran during the 8th century BC. Highly stylized horses form the cheek pieces.

  22. Persian / Achaemenid gold bracelets
    Pair of Achaemenid gold bracelets

    Fantastic example of the gold jewellery of the first Persian Empire. Late 6th to 5th cent. BC.

  23. Buy Late Bronze Age brooch
    Opulent Late Bronze Age brooch

    Stunning large brooch dating to the Urnfield period. The museum quality piece is decorated by spirals and stylized water birds. 1200 to 800 BC.

  24. Buy Bronze Age Hoard
    Hoard from the Late Bronze Age

    Complete surviving hoard consisting of one bronze bowl, two belts and twelve bracelets. Urnfield culture HaB1. The amazingly well preserved group is excessively rare on the art market as well as in museum collections.

  25. Buy decorative pin from Luristan
    Large decorative pin from Luristan

    The pin head is shaped like an open basket with a decorative knob. Bronze with attractive patina.

  26. Römischer Bronze Portraitkopf
    Group of three yellow beads

    Very nice specimen of cylindrical shape. The group features beautiful opaque glass with a bright yellow colour.

  27. Ägyptischen Skarabäus mit Lebensschleife kaufen
    Roman strigilis

    Beautifully decorated with tendrils and a dolphin

  28. Römisches Intaglio
    Roman Intaglio with male bust

    The glass paste shows a young man with petasos. Possibly a representation of the god Mercurius.

  29. Luristanische Nadel mit Steinbockkopf kaufen
    Pin from Luristan with ibex head

    The simple pin boosts a highly stylized ibex head. It is a nice example of this popular decoration for Luristan pins.

  30. Scheibenkopfnadel aus Luristan kaufen
    Disc-headed pin from Luristan

    Important and unique pin type of Luristan. This specimen is decorated by bumps forming a seven-pointed star.

  31. Römisches Intaglio mit Zeus-Amun kaufen
    Roman intaglio with two facing heads

    It shows Zeus Ammon facing another head. This is a highly interesting specimen for Roman intaglios.

  32. Media Label
    Roman ritual mirror showing Leda and the swan

    Darstellung der Leda, die mit entblößter Brust am Boden liegt. Von der Seite nähert sich der Schwan. Über der Szene zweireihige griechische Inschrift.

  33. Media Label
    Rare Roman mosaic glass face bead showing Medusa head

    Mosaikglasperle aus einer oströmischen Werkstatt des 1. Jh. n. Chr., möglicherweise ägyptisch oder nubischer Import. Das abgebildete Frauengesicht wird gerne als Darstellung der Medusa gedeutet.


33 Items

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